The First


The First


Looking back, I sink into a moment that I have been envisioning since the day I picked up that Tippmann 98 custom. That green colored nation name. That black labeled ranking. I am here. I am playing Pro. The dream has been seen and transformed into reality, the goal to reset goals has been achieved. Now, time to clock in. To me, to be honest, it was just another event; another event to win. They say have fun, fuck that! To me, winning is fun. It didn’t sink in, the moment we were in, until the beast man said “…have fun, you only get one first event.” The same man that helped turn my mind into understanding how to win, brings me back to earth. 

Just like that, the event was over. We didn’t make Sunday, for the first time in a couple years, we fell short. We got together and reflected on what mistakes we made, and how to be better come

Now, looking back, growing up that pedestal that we put Professional Paintball on is both elegantly postured upon it, as well as smashed into pieces down the steps of the pyramid. What I mean by that is, yes the division is more talented and athletic, much quicker, and less forgiving. However, it didn’t feel any different. To me at least, it didn’t feel harder or more complicated, it felt simple, it felt right; to me, it felt like home. I felt as though I could do whatever my mind envisioned. Some moves I got caught, but I was able to trace the root of the problem in which I got caught. Other moves, well lets just say the risk was definitely rewarded. I look forward to my career in this crazy sport we all love. Just remember, if you don’t give up, if you dedicate your entire effort into your goal, you can achieve anything you mind desires.

Thomas Kim #09 | Sacramento DMG